This attractively designed copper Shirodhara pot comes with a beautiful brass chain and ‘ S ‘ hook. It is fitted with a control valve at the bottom to adjust / control the oil flow as per your requirement. It is used in Shirodhara treatment (stress alleviation technique).


  • Shirodhara pot is made of 100% Pure Copper
  • Approx. weight will be 1.4 Kg. without oil.
  • It can carry 2 to 4 lts. of oil.
  • A control valve is added at the bottom of the pot to control the flow of the oil from fast to faster or slow
  • to slower according to the requirement
  • The pot also includes a brass chain to hang the pot from the stand.
  • The hole size at the bottom is now 3.50 mm for a steady free flow of oil.
  • Maintenance: To be cleaned with dry cloth every Time after use